To write, is to be laid bare.

There is no hiding place between ink and paper.

Words expose, words create a different way of thinking.

For me, I can not hide in letters.

If I try to hide, I see the lies for what they are.

In letters, which form words, I have to embrace my heart.

That is the most terrifying reality.

In the past I have felt so much and so deeply that I became overwhelmed.

By not knowing what to do, I retreat inwards.

I shut down a piece of my heart so that I would not have to feel to the extent that I usually did. 

Writing is my only outlet that can begin to describe the depths of my heart.

So I write.

I write in order to make sense of my own emotions.

I write to connect to my Maker and Creator. 

I write because sometimes, if I don’t, I feel as if I will implode in silence.

Through words, my true self is able to come forward and together we converse before my heart contracts and the gates close until the next meeting. 

There are a small few who I have shared my writings with and it is through my sharing that this venture has come to pass. 

It terrifies me.

I can not hide in words.

So I share to the level I am comfortable with. 

I share my vulnerability.

I share a glimpse into my relationship with the One who made me.

“In the beginning was the Word” it’s not surprising (to me anyway) that it is through words that I find connection, beauty, joy, purity, peace and freedom.