Compared to others, my time on this crazy, incredible blue ball we call home, has been short thus far. Though my years might be short, they have been full of experience – to say the least. I have experienced a year filled with overseas adventures. There has been a year where my life was impacted greatly by four suicides and one naturally caused death. I have journeyed through a year where a tent was my home. One of the hardest years I had was when I watched, and cared for, someone I love going through the depths of darkness, the effects of trauma and the debilitating reality of living a life with absolutely no hope.

They are just a few of my years taken from the archives of my short life.

This year has followed suit, in bringing with it its own adventures, unexpected paths, pain, ridiculously awful situations and in amongst that all…so much goodness.

I wrote this piece last year at Christmas time and it is still relevant to my today as it was to my yesterday.

In my brief moment of solitude, I pause and breath in the year that has been and what it has brought with it….

I take not much with me when I depart this atmosphere.

The tangible and material I leave behind, irrelevant and inconsequential,

The blood that is the river of life to my form, goes cold,

My possessions are reclaimed by new masters,

What is unseen and untouched, lingers, remains.

It is the circumstances, the experiences, the memories, the character building, the life changing.

These are the moments that define.

What creates those definitions?

It is the people.


In their human-ness, they overwhelm.

They overwhelm with their love, encouragement, hope, love (because it deserves to be said twice).

It is the people in my life who cause my heart to expand to a capacity that overwhelms the cavity it sits in.

Their love is a cornerstone, an indispensable part of my foundation.

Without them, my circumstances, experiences, memories, life-changing, character qualities would be void.

So, I express a moment of gracious gratitude from a heart overwhelmed.

To the people who love.

To the people who have loved me.

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.

You, have been, and still are, my treasure.

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