Lay It All Down

Without realising, I packed my heart up and tucked vulnerability inside it.

What has made me, me, has become untouched memories.

Memories that carry with them weights, some too burdensome to carry on my own, some so fragile the slightest touch can create a wave of destruction, some to painful to touch.

Vulnerability, which was once my compass, sits out of sight and untouched, leaving my course feeling empty, directionless and without purpose.

My previous journey of vulnerability and living out of my whole heart cost me, greatly.

To venture down that road again, terrifies me.

To not venture down that road, means I live a shadowed version of myself.

It means I permanently tuck part of myself out of sight, away and ‘safe’.

Safe from what though?

Safe from getting hurt. Safe from being broken, again and again. But the safety also has a consequence.

I become safe from living out of the greatest capacity to love.

Safe from feeling great compassion.

Safe from feeling gratitude in its magnitude.

Safe from true emotions.


So, my lovely, wonderful, beautiful and tender heart, what do you choose?

For you have a choice, and only you can take responsibility for it.

Will you take our hand and walk down the road less travelled?

Yes there has been scars from what has once past, but, you have experienced a greater beauty than you ever could have elsewhere.

Yes there has been pain, but you have experienced a depth of love you had not touched, nor known possible, beforehand.

There is a risk in every choice. The wonderment of faith is that we are sure of what we hope in, and certain of what we do not see. That’s risk.

Is it worth it?


“You cannot spell Wholehearted without Art”

–Brene Brown

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